Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's been going on....

I felt my first earthquake down here on friday night. I felt like someone was laying under our couch moving it. Nothing else seem to be swaying or anything, except Brian saw the cookie sheet on top of our stove moving. He didn't feel anything either. Oh well. I did.

Well, the new job is going well. I enjoy it. My second day there they offered me a full time position. So, of course, I said sure! I haven't started full time yet, but it will be soon. The people I work with are really nice and the office is huge! They are not even sure how many phone lines we have....only 20 lines show up on the phone. Our phones are huge! A little intimidating at first, but I am slowly getting the hang of it.
Brian's job is going very well. He LOVES it! I am so happy that he does. He deserves it. He is very good at it! He gets to draw for a living so he is in 7th heaven.

We went up to Sac this past weekend and had a good time with the fam. We went to see Dill's little league game. Dill played Catcher! Way to go Dill!! Some of those kids are pretty good. Fun times! We took Snoopi up with us and she was a BIG hit with the kids! Paige had a melt down when it came time for us to leave to come home. She didn't want Snoopi to leave. She fell in love with her. It was too cute.
Our niece, Elise, just had a birthday also. We went to her Hello Kitty party to help out. The girls had tons of fun. It was fun to be around them. Happy 5th Birthday Elise! We love you!

We also had a very special opportunity to go to the Temple with our very good friends, Jen and Karl, to see their precious Isabella sealed to them. We felt honored to be there with them and their family. It was a neat experience that Brian and I will always cherish. We are so happy for them and their adorable family.....we need to plan another Wii party Gill!!!!!! (We got Mater back. haha)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Job

I start my new job on monday. I am a little nervous, but happy to have a job and contribute to our well-being. I am going to be working as a part-time receptionist in Torrance. It takes me about a 1/2 hour to get there from our house in Long Beach. Cool. I hope it goes well. I think I have been spoiled not working for so long, it will be hard to go back. haha It is only part-time though, so I can do it! :) I will be working from 1-5 in the afternoon. It is for a company that designs software for storing and archiving emails for companies. Pretty cool. The people that I met the day of the interview were really nice and it seemed like a great place to work. Yeah!!!! Wish me luck! Tell me that there is nothing to be nervous about. hahahaha

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tribute to Nick Adenhart

This morning Brian and I drove over to Angel's Stadium to see the memorial that has been left by fans for Nick Adenhart, a young pitcher that died way too young. It was pretty somber. The front of Angel's Stadium has an infield....there is a home plate, 1st-3rd bases, and a pitcher's mound. The flowers and balloons are on the pitcher's mound. We are pretty much still in shock. We just watched him pitch the night he was killed. Such a sad thing to happen. We did learn today that the 22 year old Dolt that killed him and his two friends could get 55 years to life in prison. It is just horrible and a sad time down here in SoCal.

Pictures of our trip to Lincoln City, Oregon

Yaquina Lighthouse
The Reed Family
Me and Brian
Flying Zach's cool pirate kite
Aunt Julie and Elise
Walking to the beach
Our cabin

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lincoln City, Oregon

Brian and I just got back from a FABULOUS long weekend in Oregon. It was for his Gma's 92nd b-day. (And as a side note I need to mention what an amazing woman she is....she slept in the top bunk!!! And she climbed out the first morning W/OUT the ladder!!) It was great because I got to meet some extended family on his mom's side! They are AWESOME! I had so much fun with them. We stayed in a great cabin in Lincoln City, on the beach. Amazing! We took all kinds of pics (which I will post when I get them downloaded.) and had fun hanging out with the fam. I got to see where Brian's mom is from....Hebo, Oregon. The cutest small, small town not too far from the Ocean. It was beautiful and fun to see where she lived, her high school, her elementary school, and other places she used to go. Late yesterday afternoon the Reeds all went to the Yaquina Lighthouse just south a little ways from Lincoln City (just north of Newport). The beach was really cool, tide pools and lava rocks. We took some fun pics with the fam and I was in heaven being at a Lighthouse. It was a much needed vacation. Nice to get out of Long Beach for a little while, and really hard to come back.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A beautiful day at the Temple...Congrats Brandon and Kae!

What a beautiful day for a wedding

Welcome to our family Kae!!!

The Lewis Family

I love Gma Fisher!

The Lewis Fam Again

Me and my Honey