Friday, October 23, 2009

A Happy Day!

Doesn't it feel GREAT to pay off a credit card? I am in a really good mood today! We are getting ready for my family to come visit. I am excited to see them and to have them see our house. My parents and Carrie came to help us move so I am excited for them to see it unpacked.

Also, Mom's last day at work!! Happy Retirement MOM!!!! We are proud of you and love you and are thrilled that you are out of that place! :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

All moved in...

and so happy the ordeal is over! It was a crazy move. U-Haul SUCKS! We won't use them anymore. They sold our truck out from under us (even after knowing we were coming in at 9 am to pick it up!!!). I am not going to go into it more, it makes me too mad!
It was a very long day last saturday, but well worth it! We are loving Lake Elsinore! I love the mountains around us. Very pretty here. People are so friendly here also. We are excited to go try out our new ward tomorrow.
We also learned that not only will we NOT be using U-Haul anymore...we will NEVER buy a fridge from a garage sale anymore!!! It took 3 days to clean it out. The inside was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen and it smelled so bad!!! Well, I found out why it smelled...there was still FOOD in one of the drawers!!!!! I know it was only $75 but NEVER EVER again!!!!! It was the worst thing ever that I have had to clean.
The house is starting to look lived in now and not like a storage unit. haha We really do love the house. It is a perfect size for us and Snoopi loves our little back yard!!
This was a great move (despite all the mishaps we faced last weekend) for us. I know that this is the place we are supposed to be at this time. I can't wait to see what adventures Lake Elsinore will bring us.....

Oh! I bought the BEST quilt at a garage sale this morning in Yucaipa! (For those of you that love the Quilt Sale in San Fran) For $20 I got an amazing quilt (would have been a one of a kind in San Fran), King size, 4 pillow shams and 4 valances that all match. LOVE IT!!! Great find. Also found a fantastic Bakers Rake that we are painting blue and putting it in our kitchen. I am going to put my cook books on it...too cute!!! Good day!