Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our new Car

Yep it even came with a DVD player! We got this car for a steal and it came with fun features. Back up camera, touchscreen radio that is SWEET! I can download all of my music onto it (it is 30 gigs) and never have to take my tunes along because the car already has them. YES! That is my fav feature! There are 3 in the dash and 2 in the floor in the middle row. Storage is every where!! There is even a storage bin under the front passenger (which also folds down) for me to hide my purse if I have too!!! The middle seats also recline. So, who wants to go for a ride???
Our new Dodge Journey....funny that when they gave us the keys and we turned on our FREE FOR ONE YEAR Sirius radio it was playing a Journey song! lol

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mormon Battalion

This is the picture we took with Joleene and Dan when they came to visit us from Las Vegas last month. Fun time!! Who knew that the Pioneers wore sunglasses huh?