Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun in SoCal

I thought this blog background best describes where we are living. Life is good here in Lake Elsinore. We love our ward. The people here are great! We are having a slight problem with our credit right now. We wanted to try to get this house and when our Lender ran our credit report it had a few extra's on there that didn't belong to Brian or I.....a mortgage to name one. It doesn't look like credit fraud or anything like a stolen identity because when I called on the Hooter's card...yes, that is right, a Hooter's card....they nice gentleman couldn't pull up info with my SSN or Brian's SSN. So, that is good right. Geesh. We just want to buy this cute starter house. Is that too much to ask?

But, other than that, we are good and having fun. One of my Provo roommates and her husband came out a couple of weeks ago and that was fun to see Joleene and Dan. We spent the day down in San Diego. We have also been having fun game nights with our friends Jennifer (one of my mission comps) and her husband Karl. They are our best friends and we really enjoy spending time with them and their cute little girls!

Brian and I are happy here in our little corner of SoCal.

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